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You want a website to promote your product, service, heck even your blog right? Let AccessibilityOTG do the hard work!


This website may collect commissions off of any or all advertisements published throughout. Douglas Rudolph (AccessibilityOTG) does not guarantee the accessibility of all software platforms, technologies or websites associated to the advertisements. Please only purchase or subscribe to services / software / products that you are aware of being accessible to your needs.


AccessibilityOTG is glad you found us! Douglas Rudolph is trying to create a resource center that not only provides advocacy content, but also outlines some amazing technology that we all have access to that is actually accessible, as well as some of that technology that is obscure or less known. Please dive in, and don’t get too lost!


Our services

AccessibilityOTG thrives to not only become and grow into a great resource for those with vision loss, but also to provide independent contract work to everyone. You can learn more about the contract work that Douglas provides HERE.

Hable One

As a proud partner of Hable corporation, AccessibilityOTG & Douglas Rudolph are thrilled to bring the Hable One to Western Canada and Northwest United States of America. If you are blind or partially sighted, a family member of someone blind or partially sighted, or a service provider for a blind or partially sighted individual, and they could benefit from a Hable One, CLICK HERE for more information and directions as to purchase a device. Each device is $349.99 Local Currency Canada & United States of America.


We are also open to partnerships with organizations, interest groups, and individuals providing services, podcasts, reviews, and guides to those with vision loss.


The best part of AccessibilityOTG is that our website includes blogs and personal stories, providing a platform for everyone to discuss their experiences. Contact us via email or the contact form to learn more. Stay tuned for more information about our services!

Social Media

Douglas is active on all social medias listed within the footer of all pages. It is important to know that he is not posting daily; however does post semi-frequent on all platforms. If there is a topic you would like discussed, than please feel free to message Douglas through the contact form.




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