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About Me.

What is AccessibilityOTG

AccessibilityOTG is the brainchild of Douglas Rudolph, a partially sighted individual living in Edmonton, Alberta. Douglas has seen for many years that there is a disconnect between the services that are needed by the blind and partially sighted and the services that are actually provided, and found that this would be a great place to begin trying to fill those gaps.



Douglas also is always looking for new opportunities. Whether this is freelance opportunities or potential employment opportunities, Douglas is always open to discuss how he can be the next addition to your team, or become the man for your next greatest job. If you are interested in finding out more about Douglas and his professional qualifications, please click the link below to be taken to the most current version of his professional resume.


Why Hable One

Douglas has always believed in the use of touch screen mobile technology; however has struggled with the concept of how people with motor impairments can easily navigate their device, let alone how one can navigate their device with a braille keyboard instead of a QWERTY keyboard. This is where Hable One comes in. Following his introduction to Hable One, he has worked to bring it to Canada in a less targeted sense, and allows for another source where blind and partially sighted Canadians can acquire their next piece of technology.

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