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AccessibilityOTG Needs Your Help To Help Tammy!

Hable One

So, as you know, AccessibilityOTG (Douglas) was the host for the Canadian Hable One Challenge. For the record, Congrats EARL!!! Earl from Ontario Canada is the winner of the Canadian Challenge. That all being said, I now have something I need all of your help with.

Tammy’s Story

I have been interested in getting my hands on a Hable one since I heard about it in late 2021. There was a European Hable challenge, but I'm from Canada so was excluded from that challenge. So when a Friend, in fact the winner of the Canadian Hable challenge contacted me an said it might be a thing I might be interested in Entering, I did just that, and even though I was a little late to that particular party, I was entered and received my device at the beginning of the following week. \

I was firstly amazed at how small it was, and I kind of wondered if I would be able to use it given the complexity of the commands, or how complex I thought they seemed at the time. I read the manual an started learning commands though an within a week was somewhat proficient with the Hable one. I remember remarking to a friend, "You know a device has become part of your daily life when it's the first thing you pick up in the morning," and that's so true.

Within a week the Hable one had become my device of choice for my Iphone because it's so much easier to use for pretty much anything related to my smart phone. things I never really thought I' do easily, email became a breeze, both writing an reading, notes an messages were quick to type out because of the Braille Keyboard, grocery lists in any list, even games like crossly and clever clues and 7 little words were easier to play.

But it goes beyond that. Because I have 3 kids, time is a thing I don't have a lot of, so doing things with some speed is necessary. the Hable one allows me to type with proficiency on my smart phone, even when I'm on the bus or when walking, and when my kids are using my smart phone as my daughter does, I can turn the volume up and down from across the room an pause and play her videos as well. I can also enter in my phone's password without my other daughter hearing it, as well as lock the screen so that gives me another form of control that sometimes I need as a parent.

Also, when you're blind an you have a smart device people see you as a target. I worry about that especially at night and more so with my kids but also when I'm by myself. the Hable one makes me feel safer because I can leave my smart phone in my backpack or my purse or wherever it happens to be, out of sight, and nobody knows what the little device hanging from my wrist or the one I pull out of my pocket and smash buttons on is, so they leave me alone because they have no idea what I'm even doing.

I could go on and on about how the Hable one makes my life easier, from grocery lists, to games, and emails to notes and all the things in between. It even allows for easier tv watching because I can navigate the screen faster with the commands for top of the screen and bottom of the screen, and makes finding tabs easier. I think it's strange how we're all wanting a smart phone with a touch screen, but it's not really for the touch screen we all want the phone for, it's how much the phone can actually do. now we all want bluetooth keyboards an easier ways to navigate our touchscreen device. the Hable one has been a game-changer for me, I've been looking for something like it for years now. It's only one of a couple of keyboards with braille input, and the other keyboard isn't quite as portable, and being a Braillist from a very early age makes it a very good fit for my lifestyle an my workflow. It gives me speed and accuracy on my smartphone, something I've been looking for since as far back as I can remember. Oh and it makes an amazing Fidget when it's off and just sitting on the desk when I'm on the phone or need a distraction. Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of the device is it's cost, and although I did try to win the Canadian Hable Challenge, someone else won it instead of me. Yes, we're still good friends, and we did have a lot of fun completing challenges and then viewing each other's submissions. but since he won instead of me, I am left with trying to afford this device which I can't see myself wanting to part with, and which has become a real lifechanger for me, while trying to raise my family.

The Ask

Guys, can you help me help Tammy. I would love to raise the funds for her to purchase the device, as in her words, it has been a life changer. Tammy, is the prime example of who the Hable One is for, and a great example of what this amazing device can do.

So, now you all need to know the price. I would love to raise a total of $349.99 + HST + service fees. $416.36. $349.99 For the Hable One plus $45.6 Ontario Harmonized Sales Tax plus $21.00 service fees. Ultimately, I would love to raise even more so that I can provide these devices to the blind and partially sighted for even less. So, this is my plan. For every dollar over the $416.36 we raise, I will be placing this into a jar to provide a Hable One to the next blind or partially sighted person facing financial strain.

Please Help me Help Tammy! More importantly, please help me improve the independence of just one more blind or partially sighted person in Canada.

Feel free to use the donate button at the top of all pages of or by sending e-transfers to

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