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Hey Canada, Have you heard? Hable One Is HERE!!!!!!! Even better, I am bringing it to you directly! If you are interested in one of your own, Just click the button below, and pick it up!

Hey there USA, I have not forgot about you at all! If you are interested in purchasing a Hable One device for yourself or a loved one, the process is slightly different, so please click the button below for purchasing the Hable One for USA! All you need to do is send an email, with your Full Name, Email Address and Mailing address. Douglas will send you an invoice, and once payment is received, the device will ship!

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Earl from Ontario, is the WINNER of the first ever Hable One Challenge Canada!!!!!!! Congratulations Earl, Hope you Love Your Hable One!

Hable One is coming to AMAZON!

Stay posted for updates!

AccessibilityOTG and Hable come together to provide you the Canadian Hable Challenge Introductory webinar!
When - Sunday May 8th at 12:00PM MST 2:00PM EST, 11:00AM PST & May 11, at 7:00PM MST 9:00PM EST, 6:00PST

Please register by selecting the button, and you will receive access to the webinar!

Meet Hable

Hable Promotional Video. 45 Seconds

Hable Promotional Video. 45 Seconds

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The assistant to your smartphone

The Hable One is an easy Braille controller for the smartphone and tablet. The tactile 
buttons and supporting vibrations allow you to use it while standing or travelling. You 
will fall in love with the intuitive interface from the first try. Write a text using Braille or 
dictation, browse the web or scroll away on social media. 
Your Hable One will never let you down, the one month of battery life is ready to 
follow your lifestyle. Don’t worry about using your phone in public! Simply keep your 
phone in your pocket and control is safely with from the palm of your hands. 
Simply connect with your phone using Bluetooth and take control of your phone. 

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Use it anywhere! 

The wireless and ergonomic design allows you to use it 
wherever you want even while walking or travelling. 
● The intuitive interface makes your Hable One easy to use and learn. In a few 
minutes, you will be able to control all the basic commands.

6. Lifestyle - Hable being used in clean setting.JPG

Take control!

Thanks to the six tactile buttons with two additional function
keys for typing you will navigate with confidence even while having your 
smartphone saved in your pocket.

Its for you if

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● Typing takes a lot of time and is frustrating because of the many errors.
● You run into difficulties controlling VoiceOver or TalkBack because of the 
many swiping movements.
● You’re on the go a lot and don’t want to lug around a big keyboard or use 
dictation all the time.
● You are new to Braille, learning Braille or are a Braille fan.
● You are ready to turn your phone into a work station and gain maximum 
efficiency with typing and navigating.


● Lightweight: 90 grams
● Battery life: 50 hours
● Dimensions: 100 × 46 × 8 mm
● Supported devices: Android and iOS, both tablets and smartphones
● Support type: Windows and MacOS
● Braille input: 6-point Braille, Liblouis
● Support 10+ languages
● Unique text editing experience, faster than alternatives
● Made in the Netherlands from sustainable recycled materials● Remote software updates
● Safety strap included reducing the risk of damage
● Online starting guide to get you moving in no-time
● USB-C cable for charging and software updates included

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