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From Zen, To TicWatch To Samsung Galaxy Watch: This Is My Adventure

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Why A Smart Watch?

This is not a simple answer for me, nor is it a simple answer for many people. That being said, I wanted to get a better grasp on my physical health, separate just a little bit from my phone, and have functionality in doing it. This is what drove me into searching up the most accessible smart watches, and did I find a lot. This is my journey from smart watch curious to smart watch obsessed from the Zen to the Galaxy.

From Zen, To TicWatch, To Galaxy Watch, Lets Go!

The year is 2020, and we are balls deep in the midst of a global pandemic. We are experiencing many forms of societal lock downs, public access restrictions, and over all despair across the globe. So, if we can not associate with our friends, family etc, lets do things with our households that are fun, that are outside, and that have a low impact on us catching COVID-19. Lets do our part in getting healthy, and lets see our results in live time, lets go buy a smart watch!

After weeks and painful hours of looking, I found a great starter device, it had a speaker and most importantly, it ran WEAR OS also known as Adroid! This is huge and important, since I am not an iPhone user, so apple watches just don’t cut it for me.

Hello Asus Zen Watch, how might you join me today!

Yes, this is a very old model, I think maybe from the early days of smart watches, so lets say it is the 2015 model. I do not care though, because it gets the job done. So I’m tracking my steps, replying to messages, taking phone calls, and everything you do on your watch, except playing those small screen games. Oh by the way, TalkBack worked GREAT! Unfortunately, like all good things, this relationship with the Zen Watch had to come to an end when it decided that the technological graveyard was where it needed to be.

So, TicWatch?

What is this brand I keep hearing great things about, I keep hearing it has accessibility features such as google, TalkBack, etc. They say its TicWatch, a brand I have never heard of previously but am hearing such good things I must investigate. Wow guys, they have so many models, there is literally a watch for every person, every age, and of almost any style. They are truly impressive.

So, I was still unsure about the whole smart watch thing, and didn’t want anything too flashy, so I jumped in and bought the TicWatch E3, the more budget friendly device, that did not in any factor cut corners. This watch was and with no complaints the best introduction to a modern smart watch I can ever recommend. The speaker sounded reasonable for the size, it had all the sensors that I wanted, it was all around a great watch. I highly recommend the TicWatch E series and the Pro series, they do not disappoint.

The Next Adventure, Hello Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

Guys, when I say I didn’t think it could get any better than the TicWatch, I think I was wrong. I’m sorry TicWatch & Mobvoi, I have a new wrist bound attraction. The watch 4 classic, is not only a smart watch with a great size offering, but guys, it has a built in fidget spinner! Well actually, it has a rotating bezel, but if you adjust the right settings, it is a perfect fidget spinner! So, if you have out of control ADHD, or just can not sit still, please, make this your next smart watch priority, get a built in fidget spinner, and spin until your heart is content!

Now lets get into the serious stuff, this watch is seriously a beast. Samsung, already well known for their smart watches, combined forces with Wear OS and built their greatest watch to date! Packed with pedometer, your normal gyroscope, and all the other sensors you expect, heart rate monitor, oxygen monitor etc, you can really be heart healthy with this device. Just hold up, there is seriously more. Seriously, just when you thought you couldn’t get better, they loaded more tools inside! Do you want to monitor your body composition? How about monitor your Atrial Fibrillation, wait, even, your blood pressure! Yes guys, this watch can do it all. Seriously great right?

Sadly, I must tell you my love affair with this watch was short lived, and I can take some fault for this; however, the true culprit for the loss of my greatest Kijiji purchase ever was none other than, Samsung. They released an update that was unfortunately bricking the galaxy watch 4 and 4 classic without meaning to. And unfortunately guys, I had this update and it worked. I mean it didn’t give me the problems, but it was the update to fix the problem that ironically bricked my device. R.I.P Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. I will always remember and miss you.

Wait A Minute, It Gets Better.

Hello Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Yes, I got the latest and greatest. Not for the reasons you all believe. Just ask my amazing partner, ironically she was the one who convinced me into this particular model. Thanks Daryl! Oh, by the way, check her out HERE.

I bought the 5 Pro because it is made with stronger more durable materials like sapphire and titanium, which if you know anything about these two products you will be aware that they are very durable. Maybe this watch will be Doug Proof! Truthfully, not much is different between this and the watch 4 Classic, other than the inclusion of trackback features, and ability to upload GPX files to the watch directly from your phones, but that 45MM is perfect for my wrist and huge fingers.

Favorite Watch?

Guys, I am not going to tell you I have one, because I honestly do not. All of the devices I have had the opportunity to use have all done what I wanted, what I needed, and so much more. Each device was great in their own ways, and with their own features, even when I didn’t know I wanted or needed it.

Now, when you ask me in the context of usability, accessibility, I will always tell you to go new and go big. The speaker on the watch 5 Pro is amazing, the screen is large and in charge, and talkback sounds beautiful! Well, as beautiful as a screen reader can sound.

Are You Interested?

So, I want to only promote the products and devices that I use, have used, and know are great for those of us with vision loss. For that reason, I provide a link to the product discussed in each of my posts. Below, you will find the Amazon link to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. I will never expect you make a purchase that you are not ready to make, or one which you can not afford; however, I want to provide you an ability to not only support my work, but have direct access to the products and devices I love.

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