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OrCam; An Introduction To Amazing Assistive Technology

What is the OrCam?

Well, let me tell you. The OrCam is an innovative piece of assistive technology that has seriously been a game changing device for many. Not only is this device amazing for the blind or partially sighted, but it is perfect for those with a number of print based disabilities as well! That being said, I can only speak to its use case for blindness. To make it a little bit more unfortunate, I have only got the experience with the model from I think 2014. That being said, everything I thought then, I still think now!

So, in short, the OrCam is a glasses mounted piece of technology designed to read text, product labels, peoples faces, and I don’t even know anymore, but by now they can probably tell you if it is a full moon or not by how much this device has advanced! If not, “HEY ORCAM, can you make this a feature? We blind and partially sighted would love to know what faze the moon is in!” Anway that’s my tangent for today. This device used to consist of a glasses mounted camera with a cable running down to the processor which would be on your belt, in your pocket etc. THAT MY FRIENDS IS NO LONGER THE CASE! (That last sentence was written in large capital text and bolded) The new OrCam Reader, My Eye Reader Smart and Pro, we can not forget about the OrCam Learn as well! You can check all the devices out by clicking RIGHT HERE, There may also be a couple of awesome pieces of technology located on this page too. You Are Welcome!

Hey OrCam

I would love to check out what you are doing with the OrCam these days, and would love to write a brand new experience with the all new OrCam! Please, lets connect!

The OrCam Is An Amazing Piece Of Assistive Technology, But How Does It Work??

Why have me sit and explain it to you, when there is already so much content about it. Please take a look at this YouTube video! Thanks a ton Sam, you worded this a million times better than i could ever have! If you like Sam's content, check him out by clicking RIGHT HERE, check out his amazing website RIGHT HERE.

Where Can You Buy It?

Funny you should ask! You can buy the OrCam RIGHT HERE, as well as by navigating to their website located RIGHT HERE, or by contacting your favourite assistive technology specialist.

Do You Want More?

Check out the following links to news articles on the OrCam, that myself and others were asked to do. I of course still owe a wealth of gratitude to Dr. Jeffrey Judelson and the Canton Regina No. 1 Patriarchs Militant IOOF (Independent Order of the Odd Fellows) for making it possible for me to acquire my first OrCam device. Thank You Both, it seriously made my experience as a student so much less stressful!

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